Welcome to RACE 2K!

RACE 2K provides information, support and technical assistance to school districts and others around early childhood transition, least restrictive environment, and child find.

PLC – Overview

The PTAN and Race 2K projects are collaborating to offer two exciting new preschool professional development opportunities for school districts through Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  PLCs are cooperative communities created to enable school district staff to join forces to identify challenges and opportunities and learn from each other.   Race 2K and PTAN have developed two focus area PLCs related to improving outcomes for preschool children with disabilities.

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) – Overview

Children with disabilities, including children aged 3-5, must be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  IEP Teams must determine the least restrictive environment for each child based on what he or she needs in order to receive a free appropriate public education.  Learn more about how RACE 2K provides resources and support to school districts on preschool least restrictive environment.

Early Childhood Transitions – Overview

Services for infants and toddlers and preschool aged children with disabilities are provided under the same federal law – the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA is broken up into sections or parts.   Part C provides for services for children ages birth through age 2 and is known in NH as Family Centered Early Supports and Services (ESS). Part B provides services for children beginning at age 3 and is known as preschool special education. The transition process from ESS to preschool special education, if eligible, is designed so that there is no interruption of services for children who qualify for both systems.